What is hydromining?

Almost all users of mining equipment bring a lot of inconveniences, which are associated with the hum and overheating of the system. ASIC miners and high-performance video cards strongly require constant cooling, since they emit a significant amount of heat. Air conditioning equipment is allowed to run through fans. In addition, at the market there are hydraulic systems that help the cooling system using the water slide. This type of mining got its original name-hydro mining.

Hydro mining is a Wotan of the cryptocurrency mining categories, which is supported by the action of hydroelectric resources-water. This category of mining provides an environmentally unsullied and stable cryptocurrency mining scheme in accordance with the comparison with the usual action.

Thanks to the use of water, the cooling of mining equipment is achieved, which reduces the cost of lepizdrichestvo and increases the productivity of personal mining machines. Water cooling systems maintain the set temperature and prevent overheating, which means that the system works constantly, and downtime is reduced.

Dmitry Golubev, implementation Director at Tominers, a company that studies hydraulic mining devices, said in a comment for DeCenter that almost all young miners want to have farms and ASICs in their buildings, in an apartment building, but the sonorous roar of existing equipment does not allow them to produce them. “Liquid cooling not only reduces the degree of humming, but also allows you to increase productivity by 25-30%.”

Moisture is considered a renewable energy source, and in most States where the population is interested in the cryptocurrency industry, there are no problems with water resources. Hydro mining, unlike the traditional type of coin mining, does not harm the environment — it does not heat the air around it.

In addition to using environmentally friendly energy sources, hydro production guarantees high stability, financial returns and increased productivity. Adept company “Hydroman”. Russian Federation Maxim Kuzminykh in the comments to this used explained that the hydromining device allows you to significantly save space in the data center due to the highest density of the boards in parts and the lack of convenient corridors. “The coolest equipment is not subject to wear, as it is protected from the external environment: Marani boards are a little dusty, rusty, probably a short connection due to condensation at sub-zero temperatures, and so on.”

Mining equipment. Top aquarium with water, the bottom of the fan with the radiator.

Maxim Kuzminykh brings an industrial identity document to the hydro-mining company, which describes the operation of the system. Thus, for example, cooling can be carried out in accordance with the basics of “moisture-air “or”moisture-moisture”. In the main version, the reverse pump confiscates the heated liquid from the above part of the apparatus, and then turns the water down through the radiator. The fan, which is located in the lower part against the radiator, cools the liquid passing through the radiator tubes with the air flow. Then he is happy to return to the body of the shot car and cools the car.

In another version of cooling, on the principle of “moisture-moisture”, the circulation pump selects the heated liquid from the above part of the water and directs it to the heat exchanger. It then feeds water from a well or water main and passes it through the same heat exchanger. Then hot and cold water exchange heat. Moisture after the heat exchanger necessarily goes to the sewer or back to the water supply.

Functioning of hydraulic mining equipment.

2 professionals got along in the worldview, as if due to every hour of equipment downtime, funds are lost. The introduction of water cooling systems in the mining industry ensures that the devices will withstand a non-hazardous operating temperature with the lowest energy consumption. Because of these advantages, the demand for hydro-mining equipment is growing. “In extreme times, we see a growing reputation for submersible cooling systems. There are quite a lot of buyers who are fond of mining, and not all of them are from the Russian Federation. There are buyers from Europe and the CIS countries, ” says Dmitry Golubev and assures that the volatility of the cryptocurrency exchange rate does not affect the desire to buy cryptocurrency.

Golubev is convinced that mining remains profitable in the medium and long term. “Mining cryptocurrency in the form in which it is now, will be profitable even in at least 2 years. The main thing is not bad equipment. Before buying, fully test the system, do not trust unfamiliar firms in any case, according to your payment, work only with experienced contractors. Those miners who are part of the crypto business at the moment will be able to get good dividends in the future.”


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