How blockchain will change sport

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have not far deprived sports. In early January of this year, the first agreement was signed between a large sports club and a blockchain project: Arsenal football club to help promote ICO cryptocurrencies for the purpose of online gaming. Tokensale advertising will be made visible to the Emirates Stadium posters and the team’s official website. We have selected \ initiatives that combine sport and blockchain.

Sports blockchain projects


TokenStars is the first blockchain platform for sports tokenization, which makes coordination between players, fans and advertisers simple and makes these communications more efficient.

TokenStars business model is based on the classic talent management agency business model. The program earns 20-30% of the commission from advertising contracts of players. This revenue will be converted by tokens, which TokenStars consider blockchain investors, institutional investors, funds, sports fans as key consumers of. The latter will be brought in through partners with different media, including the Manchester United fan movement.

TokenStars investors have every chance not only to look after the athletes’ careers, but also to make general decisions, in particular on signing professional or trading contracts. 15 big celebrities are already working with the project, including football player Gianluca Zambrotta, NHL star Nikita Kucherov, football player Valery Karpin, tennis player Anastasia Myskina, football player Lothar Matteus.

They not only attract new users, but can also help participants with their own sports experience.


SportyCo (formerly SportyFi) is a decentralized system for financing and investing in sports products. The main objective of the project is for potentially talented players to play sports while avoiding financial difficulties .. ERC-20 SPF tokens are traded on the Okex, HitBTC and LiveCoin exchanges. The platform will open on March 31, 2018.

SportyCo works in partnership with the Spanish football team from La Liga RCD Espanyol. And also the system has acquired sponsorship from football players Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho

A great idea and a wonderful project – the platform connects young athletes and investors, helping to realize their sports potential. Tokensale is already coming, support the idea!


Globatalent is a platform that intends to decentralize sports in conjunction with all other sports. The plan is to build the potential of young athletes who currently do not have the assistance of investors, sponsors or clubs. And at the same time, the program allows you to contribute to talented people and benefit from their future successes.

Sponsorship from clubs and athletes

Cash bet

CashBet is an online casino for gadgets. Arsenal Club of London will promote ICO CashBet Coin, the new cryptocurrency for online gaming. The transaction amount is unknown. For advertising cryptocurrencies, portraits of famous players and emblems of sports clubs will be used. Based on the results of a very large campaign, CashBet intends to receive from $ 40 to $ 70 million of investments. One CashBet Coin in the beginning will cost 50 cents.


13Tickets is a company that intends to organize at once a number of interesting tourist activities for bitcoin holders. In particular, Real Madrid has become the original Spanish club that charges bitcoins. Cryptocurrency can pay for a tour of the stadium “Santiago Bernabeu.” The nearest club to negotiate with is Atletico.

Sirin Labs

Finney Crypto Smartphone – has a very secure cryptographic core, which makes it possible to work with blockchain applications. The gadget will run on Shield OS, which is based on Android. The campaign face is the owner of the Golden Ball Leo Messi.


Stox is an open platform based on the Ethereum blockchain for forecast markets, where users have the opportunity to sell the results of not only sports competitions, but also other events related to celebrities, elections or, for example, weather forecasts. The platform in his Instagram was advertised by the player of Barcelona and the national team of Uruguay, Luis Suarez. In addition, it was promoted by the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather, who was the first among celebrities to participate in advertising blockchain projects. In addition to Stox, he supported the Hubii Network content marketplace and the Centra startup, which promised to create cryptocurrency bank cards.

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