How to make a double bottom in a crypto container

August 30 appeared hacked serviceable account of the main department head Twitter Jack Dorsey public intrigue. Probably the biggest hit of the same name as Dorsey and Twitter. You can, of course, to find the guilty among mobile operators, as Dorsey’s account there was strapped to his sim-card, access to which had about villains, seizing its duplicate. But this explanation is not enough calms those who want to avoid this unpleasant situation. As if to work for those who want to save their own money and at the same time limiting access to available numerical assets?

It was allowed to walk in the ways of opening a complex password, but because of his creations have a chance to explore the villains in the literal sense of the word, and through hardware medication for that name rather access the “Ferro”, then do it they probably have a good chance and through Wi- Fi network, and through the unclassified eye patches internet room, which are available in almost every PC laptop (say hello to Edward Snowden, the devil is calling all really close to it).

Alternatively, DeCenter allows you to see an interesting program veracrypt, it allows you to create a file to which access is guaranteed by the support 2 “keys.” If you use a “key”, the owner will have access to the same information preservation, which is a set of files and Wotan, hence these. If you use another “key” secret, then he is allowed to get to the area that contains the files and information that are ready to securely store. How does it work and is it possible to protect yourself against the villains with the help of 2-key system?

VeraCrypt available at hyperlink, which are allowed to upload a program with the continuation of .exe (not sure what we recommend fast and free trial version of the program at Virustotal with support for a set of anti-virus programs, Internet).

Determine throw veracrypt, the window will then:

Point your interest as if by default the fresh drive on which fit the outer and hidden volumes of information, will Z. let’s take this path as it is. Click on the “Create Volume” and go to “veracrypt volume creation Expert”.

Our goal is to create an encrypted file container with a double bottom, so below we choose the “hidden volume VeroCrypt”.

We took the key “to create an encrypted file container”, we notice it, press “Next” button, run to the choice of Tom.

Creating an external volume

Please log in volume creation mode. If we begin our service VeraCrypt situation from scratch, we choose “normal mode” and move on.

In our version was the external drive (flash drive) with the name of D, and crypto file was created in tishine.detsentratsii. Continued, as the name has to exist at least in some way.

Then select the encryption method. According to the default option, which is good for the bulk of options for creating a cryptographic container, it deserves to be agreed with him by clicking the “Next” button.

Thereafter VeraCrypt allows you to select the size of the outer volume. In our version, he gathered 1 GB, but it is allowed, and more, as it all depends on the size of the information that must be protected in such a way.

Next, VeraCrypt allows you to set a password for the outer volume. It should be noted that as soon as you set a password (2 times, as usual), there was no one who could physiologically or with the support of hardware products to guess your password.

Then, the final process will create a basic “bottom”: move the mouse for about 30 seconds at random, so that the process of formatting the outer volume is over and he stepped into the light. Wait for a while, and then click the “position”. Now create the external volume!

Thereafter VeraCrypt recommends to record information in it, which is suitable for such to open it to the main “key” that is possible, the fundamental, but not exceptional importance that you protect from the villains. You will act with drive Z, which you’ll see by going on a diet “wash computer” notbuki your own, to which you add the USB flash drive.

Create a hidden volume

After 1st “bottom” crowded and pressed “next”, veracrypt recommends the establishment of the 2nd “floor” is now in accordance with the chosen function, t. E. There is a hidden volume. It will be another area of ​​information, but will remain in the same area, open the main “key”. Since the size of the main “bottom” GB 1 assembled, it is likely to be the most probable volume for other the “bottom”. However, in our version, it will bring the size of 200 MB.

But then we recommend you in any case do not hypnotize your password (which you learned in more detail by the example of the basic “bottom”, just do not neglect it, like the other “lower” password is required for the other). In VeraCrypt can “reveal” hidden access point is not using a password, and by supporting the main file. So we put a tick in the “basic files” and begin to develop a new turn in the work with VeraCrypt.

Please continue to follow the diet:

The main file is possible to have at least some kind of file you’re trying to pocket his status itself, making it an empty floor and hitting the host of “files”. You can create a random basic file-probably something fresh, and here we are likely to create a gift. Click on the button at the bottom of this diet, please, in the “main generator of files.”

Then again, move the mouse for approximately 30 seconds, do not forget to name the file (in our version, probably the “book”), the continuation of the file becomes unnecessary. Once we do this and save the file, click on the “Close” button and exit the “main generator of files.”

Go back to the diet “password hidden volume”: check the “basic files” has been defined more precisely, the basic file has been created, so now – go ahead, click “Next” button.

After that comes the last step before the release of the hidden volume (again, move the mouse within 30 seconds) -Another one “bottom”, in which we took up defensive positions, with the support of the secret “key” – the master file, and it is the “bottom”, we will be able to enter the most important information for us. Wait a certain time, and then click “Schedule” button.

Now create a hidden volume! He, as well as the external volume, allows you to fill the information in this way.

How to use external and hidden volume

Now we can see how things are likely to work. Again, we throw the home screen, but do not press button “Create volume” (we must have passed closer), and “File”. In our version of the style is a USB flash drive (drive D), which was created kriptografiya.detsentratsii. Now we click on the “mount”, that is, in fact, want to understand what is hidden because of crypto fayla.detsentratsii.

If you have a password (in our version is probably the 1st “key” that provides access to information that is not protected person), we see the data area of ​​the z-drive.

And if we use the master file, it probably means that we serve a hidden volume. We find the book file on the disk D – it can be written in any place you like. For example, in another flash drive, add the USB flash drive and still find the file, since it was found on the disk D. It is not hidden, and the elementary master file, but who realizes that he has a specific “key” to the 2nd field these? Since villains are thinking, if the second “key” -perhaps or password, or the main file, but if it is possible to craft the most-most, understands only one who created the “key”. Now we need to use the name.

Finding your way on the path to the main file in the empty floor (for this use callout “files”), click OK, and then find ourselves just in the hidden area of ​​the disk Z. fact that its size is 199 MB (that is, there is easily accessible from the industrial 200 MB), it allows us to remember that it was so much space was reserved for a hidden area information space.

Click on this line, please, in a hidden area. We climbed up on it, that is, opened it. However, the time will come when that – that will need to change information in this area, or cover the hidden area “key” – it is just enough to click on “unmount” button, and now all again blocked.

Other capabilities so

I will share another 2 necessary features provided by the program. We run to the “main screen”.

We go to “options” and then select “Properties” in the sliding diet.

We recommend to send your interest on the line “automatically unmount passivity in motion …”. Perhaps an exciting episode, for example, you are working with a concealed area, the 2nd “bottom”, but broke down and press the “unmount”. Define a timer for mechanical dismantling – for example, 10 minutes .. In other words, after 10 minutes. hidden volume again becomes solid and automatic front lock. Do not forget to click OK, to save the last settings!

Quick protection of the main characters of the villains

And here’s another one highlight VeraCrypt. We run to the “main screen”, return to the “Options”, but select “hot buttons” in sliding diet.

There is a function “unmount all”, that is, give the command program and cover everything in an instant, as it were freely “keys.” You can select a track buttons, for example, Ctrl + Backspace. The usefulness of such a function is obvious.

Something no court has no right to make over VeraCrypt program? It has a massive encoders to format the external and hidden volume, as if he had to choose from. But there is a phenomenal thing: if the user has defined VeraCrypt program, the 1st is given close enough to a man suspected him of using duplicate keys.

Apart from this, it is surprising, but there is a certain perfection of that user is able to simply forget one or another password. And if at some point you make a record of it, it has the ability to be understandable to someone else. In its entirety the program gives a lovely conclusion that one of the fundamental problems of the world’s population, to learn to defend their individual rights against unauthorized access by those who have such access does not have.

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