Crypto-fraud on the market

Cryptoindustry deployed, and with it improved methods of cheating. Villains substitute their own addresses, use positions recognizable people fawn supported by fake responses and transactions, work on your favorite platform, for example, Twitter and Telegram. On behalf Coinbase conducted fake stock, and according to exploration ZenGo, 4 out of 5 requests to Google for generating QR-code are fraudulent. Fraudsters on kriptorynke manage to do it now, and they do not fall for their bait? All this and in any case not only to read, in which the decanter was used.


QR-code, it is a successful and so well-known way to orient the address of the recipient at the time of the transaction. Kriptovalyutnye addresses are long and nourish the whole set of unrelated characters. Embarrassed to play them and to enter, and even more mesmerizing hand: is it permissible to make a mistake or remove something extra. The easiest way to explore the QR-code, adding it to the phone, and then the corresponding address will appear automatically.

That is why people need to generate a QR-code. Therefore, almost everyone finds the right supplement through Google. Only here are the results of search engines are unlikely to have all the chances to amuse. According to the study kriptovalyutnogo purse zengo, 4 out of 5 of the first results in the problem leads to cheat sites.

How does this method:

  • You want to slap each other, he turned to you 100 dollars in BTC. That he was not mistaken with the address, you decide to send a QR-code.
  • You google “bitcoin qr generator” (probably the most common request, and specifically it was used specialists) and yell at Wotan from issuing results.
  • In 80% of the options you get to a fraudulent site. You show your own address, but instead you get a QR-code address cheats.
  • You send the code to a friend who studies it and takes medication. That’s just they do not come you, and scammers.

Some generators are trying to create fraudulent adreski, more or less similar to yours, because they have all the chances to start with “1”, “3” or “bc” to serve the source of your address. The rest cheat by adding your own address in your clipboard, like if you try to compare sakkumulirovanny address so that you just love xernul, they agree.

Cheats, among other things, do not bother to create a new account in accordance with the implementation of codes and blindly use the API purse The method proved to be successful: the addresses of dealers, which were discovered by experts of Zengo, there were about 2 BTC (about $ 20,000). I think, probably just the tip of the iceberg, since a large part adresi functions sometimes vary.

Sample bench QR-generator. The source.

How to protect yourself:

  1. Do not look for QR-generators in the Search Engines. If you need a QR-code, use the supplement in your purse or influential researchers blokcheyna such as (just insert your own address in the search engine).
  2. Test. Always check the QR-code to match your location. Explore for yourself, see it and then send it to others.
  3. Use spare plugins. There are extensions for browsers that say about visiting fraudulent pages. Scientists recommend Zengo Cryptonite, developers that they are more accurately given QR-cheats address. But she did not deserve to rely solely on this measure, especially because it protects not always.

Fake crypto shares before Lent recognizable people

A new wave of fraud kriptorynke started on Twitter and other social networks. If in 2018 it was easier to expose the fake program in accordance with the duplication of Bitcoins, at the moment they are out in the New World. Villains talk about false promotions to posts recognizable people, statues complement and enhance all of your responses.

How does this method:

  • You subscribed to a media person in kriptosfere or account exchange, for example, Coinbase.
  • Exchange publishes the well-known message that you have read with pleasure.
  • The comments you see the news in the smell: “Lord I just like Wash won 2 BTC, thanks to Elon Musk”!
  • Before this explanation has a hyperlink and a statuette, which indicated the type of account maker Tesla announced the promotion of its own kriptofanatov. You just have to send the required amount of 0.1 to 10 BTC and gain from 1 to 100 BTC per day.
  • You see a hundred explanations for the smell, “thank you, musk”, you click a hyperlink on a transaction, go to a website, perform translation, etc … you will not get anything.

Fraudulent actions in Twitter to see people’s names. The source.

This category of fraudsters was the most advanced. Statues, because of the quality Photoshop, have approved the accounts of famous people kriptosfery, scored 10 thousand likes and repost. these restrictions invented in order to increase confidence in him for crypto-promotions. All posts will be accompanied by the crowd responses that get a lot of likes and explanations from the bots. In social networks and fake websites all strongly supported by hyperlinks on the transaction, which lead to false blokcheyna researchers in the craft.

And, after all, everywhere it says the following limit reduced. The longer you are on the site, the more you feel that you release the probability of obtaining a large number of free coins. All this is probably exacerbated by the strong excitable gentleman and makes you believe in the scam. according to the results research Duo Security, Twitter Kriptoskamery created 15,000 accounts who steal thousands or even millions of dollars. As if to say, if Wotan from users sent 18,000 dollars for a fake by Erik Voorhees.

How to protect yourself:

  1. Do not believe in a very cool action, and in any case, do not send money. Bitcoins or duplication of the x10-probably very good that there be true. Severe company in any case do not require coins from users. If they carry out promotions, they will need another energy: primarily, in the same repost or husky.
  2. Always check the information. If you see a promotional order, go to the official account. Make sure that it’s probably not a photoshop, but the real user to post an approved account.
  3. Search On Search Engines. The real action soon become the property of the media and does not end because of one touch. Explain the search engine promotion of cryptography, if for him there is no news, it means that you are likely to lie.

Promotion chats Telegram

Fraud, similar promotion on Twitter, is also observed in the categories of the Telegram. Only here do not need to recite the posts recognizable people and believe otfotoshoplennym statues. Just open your favorite messenger, to see themselves in a souped chatting with fake exchange Binance, on-site with 10 million users report accolades at any moment.

How does this method:

  • Villain add you to the category of the telegram-type known kriptofirmy. It carries out the action in the form described above, “get me a 0.1 BTC and get back 10”. Or at least some other drawing, a role in which you have to pay.
  • In this chat comes a crowd of news in different languages: “Oh, wash, I just got a 1.17 BTC!”, “And let me do it again”, “Fu barely have time!”, “Thank you, as if they have added!” .
  • This is probably based on a hyperlink to a fake transaction and web site promotion criteria.
  • Everything seems real promotion will end soon, and you’re trying to keep up with the senses, to send the coins to also get the Cup. However, nothing-cup will not.

In this year at the latest benches capacity has been activated in the telegram. Messenger users see interesting news attached with an explanation of why they have been added to the chat (eg, because they take part in the official category Binance). After Chita show limited progress and constraints, such as the prohibition to participate more than 1 times. We see a hyperlink to a fake transaction and websites accepting them as true. We look at the crowd responses from bots that are really similar to humans. Unfortunately, however, with the support of special software, our users have all chances to mate (xernut) of at least some of the disclosed Telegram-chat, including the exchange or crypto media. How nice. Then we will simply add to the category and to activate production.

How to protect yourself:

  1. Ignore emerged from nowhere chats.Do not give in to emotions and FOMO. To hold such events, and add people to the group without an invitation is contrary to the methods of exchanges and privacy policy.
  2. Check out the information on the Internet. Again, if all seems very probable – look for information in search engines. If there is such a promotion, the media will write about it.
  3. Disable add you to the category of unknown persons. To do this, go to the Telegram settings, go to the “Privacy”, then – “search and channels” and check the box next to “My Contacts”.

Preventing add your account Telegram category.

News Telegram of phishing web support

Every year people are cryptocurrency becoming more and exchange takes place, together with Siim RSK. Closer almost every best trading platform has its own Telegram-chat: Binance, HitBTC, OKCoin and so on. In these chat rooms they are also asking questions, addressed to the assistant: “I can not access my account”, “I can not get the coins”, “stir up the court,” and so on. Any such fiction is the trigger for the swindler, who also sits chatting and plotting to employee support services. DeCenter assumes that about 90% of the best chat exchanges have any administrator at least in the amount of 1 clone.

How does this method:

  • Do you have a problem on the exchange: the transaction is not displayed, you can not log into your account. Everything seems so pleasant.
  • You are notified in the official chat Telegram.
  • You are in your own news scribble villain of the name of the employee ambulance and gently give you solve the case.
  • The scammer asks them to put in the invoice issued by “fines”, requests a transaction to certify that you are in no way a bot, and so on. He gets from you money or information for input into BOS to bring coins on their own attributes.
  • All you need to wait thirty minutes to complete the task, but the conclusion is not. Because of these thirty minutes fraudster simply hide your means.

Most importantly, the fictional work of assistance has the ability to throw you if you just sit chatting and did not in any way do not touch. You have every chance to begin to threaten fake bans or make fraudulent actions. At the same time, dealers are struggling to justify what they considered to be the official help. They use the same avatars with administrators, which are identical or similar login (using a Latin and Cyrillic) and talking with good manners. And if you suspect them, they begin to hypnotize you into the misinterpretation of this issue and called liars administrators. Add a screenshot of the Creator of correspondence on this subject with Vitaliy Bodnar, CEO of one of the most beloved BTC-Alpha Russian exchanges.

Correspondence with the CEO of BTC-Alpha Vitaliy Bodnar.

How to protect yourself:

  1. No scribbling in chat rooms, create a ticket. If you are experiencing any difficulty, it is better to create a template through the official ticket site. So it will be easier and safer for you as well as for administrators who will be easier to clean and keep track of technical difficulties. And just as soon not be the answer to a ticket, write in chat.
  2. Check out who you know. Before you make or answer a request, make sure you know exactly adept Exchange. It is not enough just to look at Nick. You can see the categories of administrators, open information and looking at the list of partners. Close to the adepts Exchange deserve special label such as “support” or simply write “admin”. If someone has prescribed it to you, go to the category, find the nickname of the administrator and go to the specified address. If the correspondence came to light, it means that the real exchange officer scribbled you if it is new – so there had to be a clone.
  3. Report any cheat codes in the Telegram. If you are prescribed a cheater, it is not enough to simply close the window. I do not know him in any case, but call him to “talk about the garbage.” Probably, it helps to fight the likes of messenger dealers.

How to subscribe to the true administrators channels Telegram.

Stand letter of the name purses or exchanges

If you are in any place, or leave your own e-mail, there is a risk that it will be in the hands of fraudsters. The main ones are sold, hacked and stolen. We can only think about who and what connects them, but it is probably in no way replaces the situation. By data “Kaspersky Lab”, the most 52% of all messages in the network are likely to be spam, and cryptocurrency – one of the most favorite topics for cheats.

Over the past year Antiphishing software Kaspersky warned about 410,786 clicks on phishing kriptosaytam. Now imagine how many people have been victims, because not everyone has had this program, and probably not all of it helped. Contents of the ICO and “shares” in the message disappears more closely, but that’s one of the most extreme and important techniques in good health: a forged letter from the exchange or purse with a desire to change your password immediately. This is a letter not so long ago was the creator and DeCenter, seemingly from face. However, he did not hit the “spam” folder.

How does this method:

  • To mail a letter arrives from the stock exchange or purse with frightening content, “old password”, “suspicious input”, “your cryptocurrency successfully bred” and so on. Probably has the opportunity to have at least some kind of letter, some will break on impressions, cause there will be less thoughtful and designed in accordance with this.
  • You run a hyperlink, and then hypnotize your own username and password, as if raising safety standards, or wanting to find their way, as it were to nothing.
  • In fact, the crafting perhaps the website of cheats, Coy took over your ideas and quickly begin their run on a real site of the Exchange or purse. As a result, the villain comes to the account and displays cryptocurrency to your own address.

In 2019 fraudsters have become more creative and use similar names of official e-mail addresses, reproduce unique message design and violate spam filters. Do you have all chances to get smalnut including 2-factor authentication or mnemonic fiction.

Fake email from scammers pretending to ourselves

How to protect yourself:

  1. Do not hurry, do not breed panic and constantly check the sender. Scam letter can still be distinguished. If you look closely, the message from the fake “blokcheyna” indicates impolite address, and adding keys did not clickable.
  2. In no case do not go to the hyperlinks in the messages. To make sure that everything is familiar, log in to your own account via the official website.
  3. Determine the anti-phishing software. After Kaspersky Antiphishing program will certainly help prevent traffic hyperlinks in suspicious messages. But, as in the version with Cryptonite, only hope for such programs is impossible, as Chita constantly find ways to break them.

Protecting electronic means

Wretches like cryptocurrency market, as they are difficult to identify because of the personality development, and return the stolen money back is unrealistic. There are so many ways to lie, and they occur not only new, but also experienced users. It’s like as if our heart is frantically struggled to follow the completion of the promotion, as our brain loses control over our feelings.

In this note, decentration seen extreme improvement scams suitcases on crypto market. We are not associated with investments in fake ICO, pyramids or the confidential management, and in any case did not talk about phishing. Probably, though, and Sting, but in a different guise. We showed what quality steel dealers and how they try to lie here and now, using psychology. We want you to make a test, do not fall for scams and tell your friends about what you’ve read.

Like you, we want to make Google better fought with the wicked, and looked as it is in the top. It would be desirable to spam messages fall into ‘Spam’. I’d like to see Twitter has decided to share with thousands kriptoskamerov as a year ago, Jack Dorsey said that they are working Siim. However, as a result, we have to take care of themselves for themselves. Therefore now give a brief semblance of these tips:

  1. Sooner or later you will want to make a fool of, so do not trust anyone. It’s a bit far, is not always as good as it has the ability to appear at 1st glance.
  2. Turn on the “two-factor authentication”for the adoption of the conclusions in the head. Before that, instead of something to do, check the information carefully. You see a cool promotion? Look for it in the media. You know with the help of what? Experience administrator contacts in this category. Do you have any suspicious email? Go to the official website. We created a QR-code? Scan it yourself.
  3. Appeal to the villains and use security software. Please flag Spammers like spammers, use the appropriate means of protection against phishing and be careful with the problematic pages.

We sincerely wish that none votansky scammer never took possession of your coins, no matter how clever he is. There are constantly on the move to the front. If you encounter other methods, which you would like to tell us, please let us know in the comments. No dangerous conclusions for you!

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