Crypto zoo: scammers and foodies

In the world of ICO, it so happened that a so-called community is formed around any project, if, of course, the founders take care of this. What is a community conversation for a completely different article? As part of this material, we will use this concept to refer to all sorts of people who are connected to one of the project’s communication channels.

Telegram is the most common of these channels. In practice, any ICO project that respects itself a little has a chat in this messenger. Community activity in project chats is one of the main indicators of interest in the project, and therefore its capabilities.
Often, project chats in Telegram actually carry out the value of the support service: in them, admins help users solve problems with transactions, specify how to participate in bounties and receive airdrops. This is where the scammers come on stage.
The main earnings of the scammer are provided by trusting members of a particular community. What is the strategy of such crypto-scammers? Any Telegram chat has at least one admin. The scammer starts his Scam by creating an account that is most similar to the admin’s account. The final result here is dependent on the efforts and imagination of a Scam. The fact is that changing the name in the Telegram is not a problem, as well as stealing someone’s photo. The main problem for the scammer is that it can not exactly fake the username of the user, which is unique and, in fact, is a link to the user’s profile. This is where fantasy comes in handy.
For example, here are 2 usernames: AlbinaSundberg and AIbinaSundberg. At first glance, there is no difference, but if you look closely, you can find that in one case, the 2nd letter is L, and in another-the capital i. And if the chat is higher than one admin, scammers get even more room for imagination. After copying the account, scamer closely monitors the chat. When he sees that someone is contacting the admins with a problem, he immediately writes this user a message in which, on behalf of the project team, he recommends all possible assistance in solving the problem, and at the same time can imperceptibly remind that now the ICO has a huge bonus, but it is not available when buying through the site, so “here Is your wallet number, transfer the ethers”. Of course, an experienced investor will immediately suspect something is wrong and the Scam will be detected and banned. But those for whom the purchase of tokens on the ICO is new, above all, and become victims of scams.
By the way the ICO team is fighting scammers, you can also make some conclusions about the project. Of course, given the peculiarity of Telegram as an application, admins do not have a large number of methods for dealing with fraudsters. But proper communication and timely and systematic notification of the chat audience about scammers ‘ activities is a sign of a good team. Traditionally, this information is placed in a message fixed in the chat. However, the very presence of scams around the project, rather, indicates its prospects, because money can be stolen only where they are available.
Of course, scammers use other methods of fraud. For example, today’s hacker programs allow you to specify absolutely any sender address, it does not even cost any exorbitant money. Scammers use such programs in order to send messages to community members as if from the official mail of a particular project. This is a very dangerous tool in the hands of a scammer, since few people will doubt the authenticity of the letter when they see the official email address. In these emails, scammers pretend to be an automatic mailing list, which sometimes comes after purchasing tokens on the ICO, and talk about some transaction error that can be very easily corrected by simply sending money to another wallet…
Scammers are not the only dangerous inhabitants of the crypto space. In recent years, food companies have become increasingly active. Their name is derived from the word Fud, which is an acronym from the English “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt”, which translates as “Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt”. Fuders deliberately create a situation where rumors or unconfirmed news about a particular cryptocurrency affect its rate, which is initially rational only for a narrow segment of the audience. We can say that fud is a tactical informational influence to stimulate panic, which subsequently leads to mass dumping and draining of assets. It is more difficult to identify fooders than scammers, since admins may think that this is just a very concerned member of the community, and will try to calm him down by showing patience and politeness, while he will clog the chat with messages that alarm other members. This type of fraud is dangerous primarily for the ICO projects themselves, since they may not collect hardcaps or see a rapid drop in their coins on the exchange due to fuders.
Of course, the best defense from scammers and other unscrupulous inhabitants of the world of cryptocurrencies is personal awareness of anyone. That is why it is so important to first familiarize yourself with the topic of cryptocurrencies and the dangers that accompany it, before sending your own funds anywhere.

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