First major update of Minter

The largest 2 and a half million units have been established in blokcheyne Minter from the moment of intrigue start of the episode, which took place on May 15 this year. Since then, the ecosystem, based on the engine Tendermint and avant-garde method DPoS consensus (delegated proof rate), has launched more than 1,300 custom coins to help the various plans, a series of events for members of the community, chasers, and the plan has been actively deployed. The team is now headed by the plan developed by Daniel Lachine makes 1st deep story update. It is worth noting that one of the newest features blokcheyna Minter would be likely to use purses with multipodpisyu as if it will prepare the groundwork for the initial integration with Minter blokcheynom telegram Open Network (TON) Pavel Durov, as well as allow the use of atomic swaps. About what kind of configuration will also take place in blokcheyne Minter.

During the last 5 and a half months plan Minter team has been working continuously on the formation and improvement of the ecosystem, which users abandoned 1326 custom coins. Now it’s time for the main deep renewal scheme, which will allow to skip the test for the presence of bugs in testnete will continue to wait for the consent of the validators. Approximately update machinations Minter will miss the test in the test network for a month, after the validators will vote for the date of discharge mayneta Minter. Detailed documentation on the issue will be brought together with the code.

What will change?

1. Silly issue of coins

The latest version blokcheyna Minter users will be able to focus on the biggest issue of coins that they create. When it is purchased, the purchase of the last coin will not be feasible, but the implementation, commission and send will act in the same way as before. If the owners sell their own coins, other users are likely to buy them. Such fine-tuning will greatly enhance the ability of plans tokenized their own services, particularly those where the need to control emissions, for example, in embodiments of the certificates or loyalty points. “It will be allowed to do the localization of coins on subjects from real life, which, unfortunately, are cut. For example, to trade certificates in the movie, in which the place of the certificate 1 = 1 coin. Probably, only 1 out of 10 possible embodiments. I still want to see, not whether these coins in any way vary according to its own mechanics of the existing ones. The implementation sending and the appointment will be valid just because. A single modification, perhaps the impossibility of purchasing them in the framework of the issuance of the purchase limit. If this limit is reached, the customers will have to wait until someone does not sell its own coins, or do not buy it, “with hands”, “- said Daniel Lachine.

2. Wallets with multiple signatures

In this regard, the update command activates the likelihood of creating wallets with multiple signatures. Wotan purse has the ability to feed the 20 owners with a different number of votes. In this case, the owners of purses can configure the number of votes needed to send the transaction of the purse. Purses with a few signatures Minter will bring to the creation of the IOM sidechain, in which users can change the inherent atomic coin BIP plan for Bitcoin, ether and other integrated cryptocurrency.

“The main use of purse with multi-signature is likely to integrate with other blokcheynami. With the support of these purses will be allowed to” lock “the coins in chasers and create with them a specific action on other networks. Even wallets with multiple signatures have all chances to be applied and a plan to diversify the dangers of storing the keys on the 1st person, “- said Daniel Dekent Lachine.

This step allows you to combine the network with TON and Cosmos HUB. At the same time, multi-signature will allow you to speed up the reception fiatnyh payments with bank cards (for now, at the time of the study, the transaction takes an hour, and after the activation of the update is likely, it will take less than a minute).

3. To alter the basis of these

The basis of these nodes will be processed with substantially zero, during which elegant spaces to be optimized, thereby greatly enhancing the performance of the node and reduce the amount of memory used. It was also redesigned storage nodes positions, as if she could adapt the study additions that require significant blokcheynah.

4. Correction of errors

The latest version of Minter team has corrected a lot of small errors in the service node, including:

  • Typo with the activation of certain categories of receipts
  • Misprint in the API generated when the network is overloaded

According Lashina main correction will affect node API and its stability, “one of the dangerous bug fixes can be called the inability to activate some checks issued due to problems with their decoding.”

5. Refactoring

The team also conducts a full refactoring blokcheyna, to make it more understandable to the external audits.

6. Optimize configuration in accordance with default settings

Minterskaya team byvalschiny selected validators reviews about the site. These byvalschiny data used in a very good shape, which will now come with the unit.

7. Apparatus node management console

At the request of validators, there still was invented node controller from the console. His main abilities:

  • Testing position blokcheyna
  • Buying list attached banquet
  • Enable / Disable banquet (including the number of constants)
  • Troubleshooting information on the old unit to save space

8. The Commission for the activation of receipt at least one coin

After the update is implemented, chasers will be allowed to target the coin in which the user wants to pay a fee for its activation in the development of receipt. It is likely to increase significantly the use of checks with custom coins.

Running the test network with the revived version blokcheyna Minter happen by the end of November. Mainnet date will be set later when validators vote. The following year, the team plans to publish Minter large plot updates every six months.

How will update Minter?

After successful study of all studies voting rule validator Minter will be announced in accordance with the adoption of an update. The vote will be successful, if the forces of intrigue support this configuration.

Validators blokcheyna download the current position in the block allocated to upgrade and make him fresh genesis file identifier minter-mainnet-2. After checking this file will launch a new network with all balances, steaks, coins, validators, and applicants from the old scheme.

In this case, users do not need to be any way to perform any additional actions.

About the plan Minter

May 15 at 18: 05, according to the capital, was launched the main portion Minter plan, maintenance of which is in 2017. Then the development team headed by Evgeny Gordeev came up with the idea to make blokcheyn that would allow to create a fully liquid coins in 2 clicks.

Due to a half years, the team has come a long way, which led to the release of an entire ecosystem built on the engine, and an avant-garde method Tendermint DPoS consensus. With the latest developments, Minter guarantees inspiring transaction speed 1000 m / s, and the creation of the unit takes 5 seconds.

Most importantly, in October last year, it became clear that the plan will be switched on modern blokcheyn TON. This partnership will allow users to transfer circuit Minter their own coins from Minter blokcheyna blokcheyn in the TON, store them on the TON blokcheyne, exchange BIP per gram, apply smart ton contracts scheme, send and receive micropayments coins on Minter stock through TON Payments.

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