What is the purpose of crypto enthusiasts going to Georgia?

United States, Malta, Switzerland, Singapore, those powers that are traditionally associated with the formation of blokcheyn-D. Currently, however, more and more traders are looking towards liveable CIS countries with emerging economies, in order to quit and improve their own IT firm was then. Team Digital Georgia invites players, brokers, developers and all enthusiasts who love crypto development, to take part in the event’s unique format – professional conference with Lavrov real hospitality. 28-29 June 2019 “numerical weather” will be held in Tbilisi and Mtskheta.

Summer is the perfect time, as soon as the permit to work and respite services. Instigators “numeric steam” do not give elementary intention to wear suits and ties in the conference room and spend the weekend with benefit for both grievances, and for the soul. Iberia, probably not only a very interesting species, unsullied air and a true gastronomic paradise, but also the state, aimed at the formation of the commercialization and development. Having checked the grid 190 economies for 2018, independent experts of the World Bank placed Georgia 6 th place ranking of countries in which the business news just easier. It is logical, because of the extreme amount of years the number of start-ups in the field of finteha, cryptocurrency and blokcheyna has increased dramatically, and almost all of the company decided to replace its current location on the hills and plains of this proud nation.

Tbilisi to host 1st conference zadevay, which in coworking terminal representatives of IT-specialists, opinions favorites will share their views on the trends in the world of numerical development and discuss the use of blokcheyna real commercial business. There will also be affected by the content of attracting investment through the IEO / STO, restrictions on transfer and knowledge of business in Georgia. Those who have not yet formed their own dream team, will be able to find all the right people, so as the question of employees and education in the field of numerical development will be limited to one convex tables.

In the 2 nd time the action will be transferred to the city of Mtskheta, which Misha Lermontov glorified in their own verses. In the Old City of Moscow, Georgia, the conference participants will tour program and a huge peace of the bay holiday.

“Numerical weather” in Tbilisi is a space for new acquaintances. Find buyers and players for his plan, becoming a nice event or a gray-haired companion. Speaker Concert Poster, interviews, toast-all this is probably available in the public domain in a different role packages. Detailed program of the conference as well as registration of clear hyperlink. Well, right now it will be hot!


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