In 2019, meet a ten-year-old cryptocurrency

For a whole year, bitcoin kept the whole world in power, and because of this, altcoins went to hell bearish. Because of this time, society is almost used to the idea that cryptocurrency as a development existed as an elementary riotous invention of geeks and cryptopanks. But as a currency equivalent and probably quite a financial pyramid, monetary fanfare is elementary and easy for beginners. This is reported in frauds and rumors on television. However, if we were simply imposed the idea that the cryptocurrency is likely to fail? Because there are people who perceive reality as it is, and think that the value of property falls under the laws of the Bazaar. Thus, the enthusiasm for development is only growing. This probably clearly indicates that the financial and ideological sides of cryptocurrency exist independently of each other.

And if you are probably on the very-very craft in this way, why not look at the situation from a different angle? Catch yourself thinking that this year’s stretched cryptocurrency is not a monetary downturn at all, but rather a creative one? And such a meat grinder is literally good for her. Because if a monetary downturn has the ability to kill the market and its investors, then a creative downturn will give a softer one-like a reset to factory options, but with the preservation of those.

Is it all true, or have we been made to think so?

To better understand the situation, put everything on the shelves. First, let’s remember that this year started with the completion of a powerful bullish exchange rate change in the Bazaar, as soon as bitcoin appeared at the border and almost broke the $ 20,000 mark at the expense of the unit. If there is no significant background, such races are not visited in any way. No matter how exciting the order is, the cost does not grow so fast and fast. Bitcoin is almost pumped up with dollars. And suitable pumps for this purpose were found in CME and CBOE. They made a fine move with the stallion, gave everything to the thirsty according to the future, and came out of the water dry. As he said, begged-Nate.

Confidence in the future location of SLE holders did not last long — soon after the launch of futures, the crypto market began to deflate. Naturally, this was expected, but it is unlikely that the grandiose decline in prices for cryptocurrency is the result of monetary innovations: this year, bitcoin managed to fall in price by 82%! It would be nice in this case to dump the Chicago platforms, however, there is one thing, however: according to the written and unwritten rules of the Bazaar, the launch of the latest real estate gaming devices completely has the ability to influence the price location within a few percent. But even experienced specialists could not allow such a sudden decline. Especially since no one has yet managed to Wake up after the euphoria with constantly growing x on the charts of altcoins. That’s where the fun started.

Why down?

Bitcoin will be “adjusted” at the end of December 2017. Elementary took and fell in price by 46%. Then I returned the deal by 65% and went back to $18,000 because of the coin. Again, in the Wake of General euphoria, stock marketers probably viewed this move as an integral correction for good growth in the near future. Because of this time, the price of bitcoin trading has not decreased in any way. Some drew a bright future in Elliott waves, others saw discrepancies and filled the charts with bullish numbers. In the end, both are lies. We deceived ourselves because for the next year we looked at the coins from a bad angle.

The main question is: what is the factor of this decline? Perhaps this is a global conspiracy or an elementary planned fix? The bomb-nothing was in vain.

As if we don’t forget about the blockchain and crypt of 2017? Endless ICOS, most of which are empty; brutal trading, which is most often manipulated by newcomers; the grandiose size of the lost funds, which were pocketed by hackers and scammers; and even a huge race for mining equipment. The market and development are almost as bad as a lemon. And at the time, it looked as if it was probably familiar. And at this moment, there is a sense of shame because of everything that has happened. There is no need for such a promising and flexible development to take place in this crude and soulless format.

It was like a battle between good and evil. It is necessary that everything is well brewed, reincarnated into a single whole and received an unforgettable taste. Like precious wine. This will take time.

Rebuke of the century

Everyone thought that sooner or later cryptocurrency will make a revolution. But how can we not kill this hope while it is still in its infancy? How to distract hyperactive players from this feeder and throw space for reflection?

This happened to divert the attention of the watchful eye (elastic wallets) to something else. A successful situation with futures has become the main reserve for reducing the degree of the market. On this basis, it was much easier to correct the behavior of bitcoin and other coins with the help of news levers, to allow new plans to join in the fun, open the development to new thoughts and make it more understandable.

Because of this time, the society, including non-local to the idea that the production of coins on video cards or ASICs is elementary, does not have the ability to keep up with the theory of advanced blockchain developments. As mentioned earlier: mining is probably a long, expensive, uninteresting and generally a past century. Developments should be deployed constantly and very soon. Exponentially, as a minimum number.

For comparison

At least some action in the world is allowed to be seen through the prism of the laws of arithmetic. Wotan of them is probably a geometric progression. The progression can be seen everywhere. For example, if you take at least part of the lumen of the delay and study in silence because of the formation of development. Thus, in any enterprise there is a long period of increasing cycles. Then the critical episode begins, and the upcoming formation proceeds at a cyclopean pace. On the example of a cryptocurrency, this is probably allowed to be put as follows:

2009-probably 1 Unity progress, unity 2010-2, 2011-4th ones, 2012 — 8, 2013 — 16, 2014 — 32, 2015 — 64, 2016 — 128, 2017 — 256, 2018 — 512 and 2019-closer to the 1024-th! Here’s what it probably looks like on the chart:

The development of progress in the plane of geometric progression.

Impressive performance. It’s a little easier to accept the scale of the upcoming revolution in the crypto world of the future, isn’t it?

Make suggestions

How did this happen in 2018?

In the Wake of an unusual furror in 2017, investors completely forgot that this is the Bazaar and the economy. They forgot that they never attended a rise in the absence of a downturn. And it all looked like $ 20,000 a coin in one go-probably not the limit yet. Therefore, the news about the recognition of bitcoin as liquid property by Chicago platforms was perceived as bullish. We thought this would probably fuel enthusiasm for bitcoin as a development. Everything is right. However, no one should have expected that a strong enthusiasm for development would again provoke a rapid economic recovery in the cryptocurrency market. But this action has a big plus. The Bazaar went into hibernation, and the blockchain remained one-on-one with its own inconsistencies. Thus, the cryptocurrency provoked a creative decline.

At that time, the development was experiencing a stormy result last year, as soon as the market was full, it was swamped and exhausted by all sorts of ICOS, endless currency infusions and big “x”. In 2017, we initiated a development project. Everyone looked only where the money was coming from. Bitcoin urgently needed to go on a diet.

With its own lingering bearish temperament, 2018 has demonstrated how fundamental it is to try because of importance, not because of cost. And the importance in this system is guided by a property. Product property and service property.

What to expect in 2019?

Now, understanding what the development went through all these years, it crawled through some wilds and still really stood all the tests, you can try to put how it would have become with cryptomir in 2019. There is no way to predict the price of bitcoin by the end of 2019, as experts probably like to work on Twitter, but specifically in order to provide a more complete possible version of becoming.

It’s as if 2019 is a time of warm weather in the Bazaar and the recovery of cryptocurrency as a device for integrating blockchain into ordinary prophecies. People will consider the importance of this device and finish creating a silent method of easy enrichment. The old PoW method will disappear into oblivion, and various versions of the PoS consensus will replace it.

Anyone will be able to create your own SLE or token for the improvement of noteworthy thoughts in a great place. For example, the most seconded people found a way to tokenize their native time.

Blockchain will no longer be seen as so difficult to understand. So as phone on a droid-perhaps, quite not difficult? And it’s okay if it’s called a crypto phone.

As if talking about the revision of the crypt in 2019, if the benches are now closer, they have adjusted the worldview on this issue and activated the understanding of the real beauty of the blockchain in the economy.

However, it is quite possible that this will be 2019 in the crypto industry. And at this point, it’s time to see cryptocurrency as a development again, rather than a bag of relative units. And what-you did not imagine the future of cryptocurrencies in any way?

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